Services & Products

Veterinary Services

Surgical Specialties

  • Arthroscopic Joint Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery & Fracture Repair
  • Throat & Berwitz Palate Surgery
  • Abdominal & Colic Specialty Surgery
  • Urogenital & Reproductive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Radio-Surgical Procedures
  • Spinal Taps

Advanced Soundness, Lameness & Medical Diagnostics

  • EQUISCAN® Nuclear Diagnostics
  • Xero-Radiographic Hi-Detail Imaging
  • Head & Thoracic Large Radiographs
  • Standard Radiographic Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Exams: Tendons & Regions
  • Video-Endoscopy Throats & Airways

Pre-Purchase & Insurance Exams

  • Neurologic Examinations
  • Ophthalmologic Eye Examinations
  • Heart-Cardiologic Examination

Therapeutics, Rehabilitation & Hospitalization

  • Shockwave Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Power Floating Dentistry
  • Complete Medical Colic Care
  • Torn & Bowed Tendon Therapy
  • Complete Care & Hospitalization

EquiScan® Nuclear Imaging

For further information please call 631-427-2213 and speak to Debbie or Charlotte

West Hills Stables Boarding

Beautifully kept well managed facility in the Huntington/West Hills area. Large and airy box stalls in center aisle barn with individual 1/2 day turnout. Large riding arena, lighted schooling arena, plus a round pen. West Hills Park is nearby and available for great trail riding. Highly conscientious and caring staff plus 24/7 on premises veterinary care available; including a full-service equine veterinary hospital.

Great location and facility for pensioned/retired horses or extended medical therapy and/or supervised lay-up care.

Cost of Full Board: Starting at $640 plus tax.

For further information or to set up a tour of our facilities please call 631-427-2213 and speak to Debbie or Charlotte

HorseDoc® Products

All HorseDoc Select Products are the finest in the industry and are either specifically formulated or represented as such by Dr. Gregory Beroza.

HorseDoc’s Elixir

Mmega-potency vitamin-mineral blood tonic. It comes in a single gallon size.

  • 6J-E2 One Size 1 gallon $40.00
HorseDoc Medicated Skin Cream

HorseDoc’s Medicated Skin Cream

Specially formulated for local topical application to treat skin irritations and/or abrasions. It has combined antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Available in 4 convenient sizes.

  • 6T-C4 Small 2 ounces $18.00
  • 6T-C2 Medium 8 ounces $32.00
  • 6T-C1 Large 16 ounces $50.00
HorseDoc Medicated Hoof Formula

HorseDoc’s Medicated Hoof Formula

Specially formulated to rapidly treat Thrush, Seedy-Toe and for use as a sole toughener. Available in 2 conveniently sized applicator containers.

  • 6L-L7 Small 2 ounces $12.00
  • 6L-L2 Large 16 ounces $37.00
HorseDoc Cosequin 1400 grams

Cosequin 1400 grams

The ultimate chondroprotective (joint stabilizing) Feed Additive useful for minimizing the advancement and effects of arthritis, due to age and athletic use in horses.

  • 6L-D2 One Size 1400 Grams $155.00
HorseDoc Cosamin-DS


The ultimate chondroprotective (joint stabilizing) Nutritional Supplement useful for minimizing the advancement and effects of arthritis, due to age and athletic use in horse people.

  • 6L-D5 One Size 210 Capsules $65.00

Shipping Charges:
Standard Ground Shipments: $6.95 per order up to 3 lbs.

Heavyweight and/or Oversized Surcharge:
* Additional $1.50 shipping on all packages 3-6 lbs.
* Additional $2.50 shipping on all packages 6-9 lbs.

Contact us at 631-427-2213 to place your order and pay by credit card.